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Drive traffic to your trade show booth! Trade show magician

Drive Traffic to your trade show booth before the show begins.

San Francisco trade show magician, Paul Nathan gives some simple marketing tips to drive booth traffic and increase lead acquisitions at your next trade show.

Trade shows represent a significant investment. How do you ensure that people come to the booth, see your demo, and walk away remembering who you are?

Driving traffic to your booth starts well in advance.  mail out invitations to inviting conference attendees to stop by and see what you are offering. The average piece of paper sits on a person’s desk for three days and the average advertising message needs to be seen seven times to be assimilated into the consciousness so a single invitation is a good start but it is not enough. 

Marketing professionals agree that a complete advertising campaign is needed to drive traffic to your booth.  This includes at least one printed invitation, an email invitation, and if possible a personal invitation from someone on your sales or marketing team. Personal invitation can be a phone call or email.

Text messages are a great way to connect with younger clients. The latest studies are conclusive regarding texts. People under 21 consider texting to be the most "personal" way of communicating.

Remember, any contact with customers should include a “Call to action”. This is the most important parts of any advertising campaign.  On printed material an invitation to your webpage about your booth is probably the best call to action. Here are a few examples:
Register at our website then stop by our booth to win.
Stop by our booth to get your free T-Shirt.
Call 415 701-7285 now to set up a time for a live demo.
Stop by our booth and sign up to win an Ipad

Emails  can contain clickable calls to action for instance:
Click here to sign up for a live demo
Click here to be entered to win an Ipad
Click here to find out more about our new product

There is copious research on calls to action and all of it agrees:
Your call to action must be:
Easy to understand
Easy to do

With a well thought out marketing campaign and a simple call to action you can increase your booth traffic, build brand recognition, and establish a relationship with new customers.

Find out how to get more booth traffic, deliver your message, and increase leads. Paul Nathan is the leading San Francisco trade show magician. Click here to contact Paul about your next trade show.

Paul Nathan is a San Francisco trade show magician and presenter with 20 years experience. Paul had produces tens of thousands of leads each year for dozens of companies resulting in millions of dollars in revenue directly attributed to his marketing expertise. You can find out more about Paul Nathan at:


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