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San Francisco trade show magician, Paul Nathan lends you a hand with some simple marketing tips for a successful presentation at your next trade show.

Trade shows represent a substantial investment by your organization.  You can maximize your return on that investment with an effective presentation in your booth. A great presentation will increase booth traffic and visibility, disseminate your message effectively, increase lead production and even increase moral of your booth staff.

Marketing teams often hire outside experts to present in their booth.  This is because it works. Company after company and study after study agree that expert trade show presenters are the best way to get a crowd, deliver a message, and drive lead production.

Magicians who specialize in trade shows are the most common booth presenter and typically present in one of two ways.  Some work on small platforms at the edge of your booth. These presenters do a lot of small shows over the course of the day.  They typically spend more time on the magic tricks and less time delivering your message.  This is not a bad thing. Competent corner booth magicians still produce a vast increase in leads, drive a lot of traffic to the booth and require significantly less real estate then presenters who do larger focused shows.

The other common style of presentation is more focused.  These presentations typically take place in the middle of your booth, involve a power point presentation, and are much more focused on your message. These are great from a branding perspective as your company tends to be featured more fully in these types of presentations. Many of these types of presenters wear branded company shirts and seem to be actual employees of the company. These types of performers spend weeks or months familiarizing themselves with your company, message, and script so that they come across casually. Be aware that the more casual they appear, the more effort they have spent preparing.  If this is what you are looking for it is important to work closely with them and give them plenty of time to prepare.

It’s important to note that top trade show presenters are not cheap. Considering that they will be the face of your brand during a trade show and that they typically double or triple your lead count, a professional trade show presenter represents fantastic return on investment.

Find out how to get more booth traffic, deliver your message, and increase leads. Paul Nathan is the leading San Francisco trade show magician. Click here to contact Paul about your next trade show.

Paul Nathan is a San Francisco trade show magician and presenter with 20 years experience. Paul had produced more than a million leads for dozens of companies resulting in over a hundred million dollars in revenue directly attributed to his marketing expertise. You can find out more about Paul Nathan at:

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