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Marketing tips for your trade show booth!Trade show magician

San Francisco trade show magician, Paul Nathan lends you a hand with some simple marketing tips for a success at your next trade show.

Each year over a million companies will attend trade shows all over the world. These shows are a great opportunity to introduce new products and services, connect directly with customers, and network with other professionals in your industry.

For most companies there are three goals for trade shows.  Usually lead acquisition is the number one goal, followed by dissemination of specific message, and finally overall brand recognition.  Not every company has the same goals but market research is clear, these are the big three.

So how do you get leads, get your message out, and build your brand? Many companies hire models to lure people into the booth, some use games, or cash and merchandise in the form of prizes. Each of these techniques offers advantages but there is really one clear winner when it comes to driving traffic to your booth and that is live entertainment.

The best of these, like Magnet Productions, Live Marketing, Comedy Industries, and Paul Nathan Magic specialize in driving traffic to your booth, delivering a memorable message, acquiring and qualifying leads. Each of these companies typically doubles or triples the number of leads produced at a trade show and by pre-qualifying these leads your marketing team is able to convert more of them to sales.

Paul Nathan is the leading San Francisco trade show magician. Click here to contact Paul about your next trade show.

Paul Nathan is a San Francisco trade show magician and presenter with 20 years experience. Paul had produced more than a million leads for dozens of companies resulting in over a hundred million dollars in revenue directly attributed to his marketing expertise. You can find out more about Paul Nathan at:


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