Paul Nathan Magic



Acer Labs

San Francisco Bay Area office of Acer Labs hired Paul to magically create a feeling of excitement in their trade show booth in Las Vegas. The message was less important to them then just having a big crowd that was having fun. They got more than they bargained for. The magic show brought in unexpected business. Watch the video below to see how Paul mixed magic, and message together for an exciting presentation that truly demonstrated the capabilities of one of their video chips.




Alcatel is France's largest telephone company and one of the top telecommunications companies in the world, Alcatel brought Paul from San Franciscol to Paris where he used his magic to demonstrate the power of unified IP communication at their annual sales conference.

This show was different because the presentation was put together by Testbeeld, a Belgian production company for Alcatel a French company. The script was written for a French telephone company by a German TV writer for a San Francisco magician, so it is unlike anything else Paul has ever done. Paul worked with them to integrate the message and the magic. Notice that there are not a lot of jokes and the tone is all business.


Before Alteon was purchased by Cisco Systems, they had Paul develop a trade show presentation which taught people how IP routing is done. Paul's magic was the perfect tool for communicating what they do. They tripled their lead count the first day.



For eight years Autodesk's Mechanical division has used Paul's magic to draw traffic to their trade show booth at the national design expo. Last year San Francisco based Autodesk leveraged this success by using Paul for several of their other divisions as well. Over the years Paul's comedy, magic, and charisma has helped Autodesk increase booth traffic and deliver messages for dozens of trade shows. Autodesk is now the second largest application developement company in the world and Paul is part of that success.


Bank of America

Bank of America asked Paul to create a presentation that would educate San Francisco conference attendees about a new type of paperless checking for the business sector. Paul created a new type of magic trick which changed the old fashioned check into cash while talking about how much money businesses would be saved with this new technology.

Citi Bank

I don't remember what I did for Citi Bank. But they wrote me a nice letter thanking me.


Enlighten DSM

Working along with Jason McPhearson Paul created a trade show presentation that used magic, and circus skills to promote enlighten's message at the Linux world expo.


Franklin Templeton

For years Paul has helped Franklin Templeton build thier brand among thier clients. Paul created a magic show for their monthly incentive program which was so successful that they extended it from a one year project to over three years.

Force 10 Networks

SF Bay Area based automation company, Force 10 Networks quintupled thier lead count at SuperComputing three years ago with a little magic. Paul's integrated comedy and magic trade show presentation outlined the future of network automation in a fast, fun, and memorable show that left audiences clammering for more.


These are just a few of the hundreds of companies Paul has represented at trade shows, conferences, and marketing seminars over the past twenty years.
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