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Here are a few videos of Paul performing at parties and events around the world. Enjoy.





CBS Evening Magazine

Here is a fun video that CBS Evening Magazine did a few years ago. They kept calling me "The most dangerous magician in the world" but I think that was mostly to scare the host of the show.

The host is playing scared but he loved the chance to do something exciting for the camera.

Devil in the Deck

Devil in the Deck is a theater show that I produced here in San Francisco a few years ago. We did pretty well with the critics and with audiences. Devil features live music by John Anaya.

In 2010 we took our magic theater show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it was a big success with audiences and chritics alike. Everyone loved the melding of magic, music, stories, and adventure.

You can also catch the Devil at Zoo Venues during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. For more information on this theatrical magical story visit

MTV Music Video - Samim - Heater

I've been in a few MTV music videos but this was by far the most successful. The song is by DJ Samim. The video is by my good friends at the Ministry of Information (MOI) in Berlin. The song and the video were number one on the European music chards for the better part of a year.

My friends at MOI met with the record company and pitched the idea of a music video that spanned the globe. Three days later they were on a plane and spent the next two weeks in a dozen countries on a round the world trip. They shot during the day and flew to the next city each night. Most of the editing was done on the plane between shoots. When they got here to San Francisco we spent a day running around the city shooting some of my favorite spots with some of my best friends. You can see my GF dancing in Northbeach, my friend Shanan was the spokesmodel for TIVO at the time, you can see her dancing in front of the Old Vic houses, and the guy in bunny suit is my old roommate Scott.

Dark Kabaret

Dark Kabaret is an elegant show with top burlesque and variety performers from all over the world.

The show started when my parents were coming to visit and they had never seen me on stage. Most of my work at that time was for TV, Films, corporations and private parties. When I mentioned this to some of my fellow performers they all voiced the same issue.

Performers came out of the woodwork jumping at the opportunity to do a show on a nice stage in a beautiful venue for their families. Ten years later, Dark Kabaret has become one of the big social events of the year in San Francisco.


Paul's promo video on YouTube. This 4.5 minute video includes clips of Paul performing in a variety of venues, styles, and shows.


Here's some of Paul's other videos on Youtube:

Paul performs magic on TV

Paul's comedy magic show is perfect for fairs, festivals, and comedy clubs.

Late night cabaret show


Trade Shows

Multi Media Video

Cruise ship magic show

Art and Theater Video


Fan dancer from San Francisco's best burlesque show, Dark Kabaret starring Paul Nathan

Unusual productions,
& Climate Theater

Paul Nathan's
Dark Kabaret

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